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Spray Foam Insulation Texas

Spray Foam Insulation

There are two types of spray foam insulation that you can get exclusively at Texas Insulation vacuum Rentals: Open Cell Foam Insulation and Closed Cell Foam Insulation.

For a year-round maximum protection, you can install top of the line insulation to seal your attic from the outside. Spray foam is popular among people have want reduced energy bills and a sturdy structural integrity to their roof.

With a spray foam insulation, you can improve indoor air quality, add strength to structural properties, and prevent the infiltration of air and moisture.

Fiberglass Insulation Texas

Fiberglass Attic Insulation

For both residential and commercial properties, we offer blown and batt fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation can quickly and conveniently be layered on top of your existing insulation.

Humidity is your attic’s greatest enemy. Fiberglass is known for not absorbing or retaining moisture, so you can have a dry attic for years. Our team of professional installers can layer fiberglass insulation within a matter of hours. 

Fiberglass insulation can last up to 10 to 15 years without any maintenance. It is highly resistant to moisture, mold, mildew and humidity and lower your cooling costs.

Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant Barrier Foil

A radiant barrier foil can block 97% of radiant heat at all costs! It can lower the temperature in your attic at 30 degrees. 

With a radiant barrier foil insulation, you can reduce the flow of heat to living spaces for up to 30%. Moreover, it can reduce year-around energy bills to 40%, how cool is that? It can be installed alongside your existing insulation to regulate the temperature of your attic.

Radiant barrier is one of the most efficient tools in maintaining optimal temperature, but to reap its maximum benefits, you will need to pair it with a good attic insulation. 

Insulation Removal Texas

Insulation Removal Services

If you have old, wet or rotting insulation in your home, it is time for it to go. Disposing and removing insulation is a challenging task that our team is up for anyday.

Our expert insulation removal technicians can renew or change your old insulation that has weakened due to hurricanes, water, etc. To restore the damage done from fire, water or mind – it is important to renew the insulation layers for added benefits.

Removing old insulation can save your family from developing different allergies. It saves you from a possible animal infestation and contamination.  

Solar Attic Fans

Solar Attic Fans can reduce the load on your HVAC system all while increasing the life of your roof! They can take the stress out of your attic equipment thereby resulting in lesser mechanical breakdowns.

A hot attic will sooner or later heat up your insulation. This heat can further travel from your attic to your living room. solar fans can not only cool down your house temperature but also lower down humidity levels during hot summer days. 

The fan blades of a solar fan are designed for quiet operation. They are corrosion resistant and are made up of commercial grade materials. 

Moisture Reduction

Reducing moisture is a major goal when insulating your house. In many cases, moisture is to be blamed for the corrosion of insulating materials. The moisture level in your attic can increase in several ways. 

Everyday living routines such as bathing, cooking and cleaning can coupled with a rise or drop of temperatures throughout the year, can be blamed for the excess moisture in your attic. The difference in temperature triggers the process of condensation that causes the mold to grow and insulation to tether.

We believe that using professional grade equipment for insulating your home can reduce your energy bills and ventilate your house. Insulating your house can help it withstand the harshest weather conditions and still function as designed.