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We got a really thick coating as advised. Our heating system has been heating in its full capacity after that. It is a good way to trap the spread of heat.

Donald Hunter

Before getting an insulation done, we used to get high energy bills and low heat efficiency. Our energy bills have reduced after insulating from a thick layer.

Rachel Hughes

Renting the vacuum and other equipment was a breeze. We received our rentals on the scheduled day and it was pretty easy to use on our own. 

Samuel Barrett

The Insulation Vacuum was powerful enough to pull through all the old insulation. The hose was thick enough for it to keep sucking a good amount of insulation.

Alexander Woods

The vacuum was divergent enough to suck through different types of insulation. The service was swift and the manager was kind. Learnt a few handy tips about insulation. 

Olivia Douglas

I got my rental products within the time I arranged. The rental team was very helpful in guiding me to place an extra layer of insulation. 

Katherine Garrett
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